What We Do

The Zeway Partnership provides a holistic approach to caring for the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs of orphans.

Physical: We provide food, drinking water, clothing (school and casual), health care (doctor care and medications), and shelter (pay for their rent, find them a place to live).

Intellectual: We pay school fees and provide school supplies. For the older orphans, college tuition costs are covered for qualifying students and vocational training is provided to allow for the development of income generating skills (wood working, hair dressing, etc.).

Emotional: We provide social workers through Food for the Hungry to care for and watch over the children. We provide for the children to attend grief & loss groups were they can meet other children in the same situation and start to heal the wounds caused from losing their parents.

Spiritual: Through the local evangelical churches, we provide the children with mentors to help guide and direct them with biblical truth.
In addition to carrying for the orphans, we are also serving the broader community by refurbishing and building new libraries and schools, supporting missionaries from the local evangelical churches, funding adoption workshops and training, and assisting with providing basic needs to communities (e.g. clean drinking water).

All of the above is accomplished through a collective partnership between the Austin Church, the local Zeway Church, and Food for the Hungry.