Who We Serve

Orphan-headed Households

Orphan-headed households are homes in which children live and care for themselves without a parent or guardian. Their fathers and mothers have died. They are left alone, to be their own sole providers for food, clothing, shelter, safety and comfort. Ethiopia has few orphanages or other support systems for these children, so orphans are left to “grow up” overnight and become parents to their younger siblings, when they themselves are still children.

Widows and Defacto Orphans

Widows and defacto orphans are also cared for through the Zeway Partnership. When one parent has died and the remaining parent has a terminal illness such as AIDS/HIV, they are often very ill and unable to work. Their children become “defacto orphans,” as they assume responsibility for the household, to care for their dying parent, to feed, clothe and care for themselves and younger siblings.

The Zeway Community and Churches

The Zeway community is empowered and supported to care for the orphans and widows in Zeway through this Partnership. We can only do so much from across the ocean, but it is the community there who can really be the ones caring and loving on the children and widows every day. We work with evangelical churches, schools, and community leaders from other faiths to care for the Zeway community.